The Nights

Couldn’t sleep ’cause i’ve seen too much

Couldn’t sleep ’cause i’ve heard too much

Such the nights ,no dreams ,feel the punch

Like a body standing ,feeling on a crutch

They only come to feel the pulse

Till its a flatline ,ain’t that rough

Final touch .Take that final blunt.

Like a guy living, hoping to see the sun.
Emotions moves like waves ,tidal

Wrote a note on my thoughts ,suicidal

Every night its a fight for survival

They don’t care so I listen to my idols.
Take a moment try to reminisce

Pick my phone up saw a few number missing

They never called .They never know how it felt

Only rings when they needed so I swipe left.
These walls saw stories that were never told

Penned on a paper kept with three folds

Only wanted her to smile she knows

Saw her smile with the other guy it kills though.

What If..


What if the world won’t let a fella break outta cage
What if the world won’t let a fella show different page
What if the walls he talking to, get into his mind
What if the cage open ,
No one stopping
He jumps outta line
Stars aligned,don’t look cause he hard to find.
He got his mind right into the wild
Close your blinds ,the night has come
He’d be coming for You and I.

Let One Tear Down


Let one tear down
When my body falls to the ground
Let one tear down
When I am buried under the ground

Let one tear down
When you see my eyes shut and never open
Let one tear down
When you remember me and still hoping

Let one tear down
When my skin is pale
Let one tear down
Although we know that ship has sailed

Let one tear down
Got slugs, one shot
Let one tear down
Hit me fifteen with the glock

Let one tear down
A sinner unknown to the sin
Let one tear down
You broke what I built

Let one tear down
On that flower that blooms
Let one tear down
I still forgive you.

Letter To The Beautiful One

LetterThe voice of a laugh after the sunset , a cry after the sunset.
A beautiful mixture of pain and nostalgia.
A mind rest on the pillows with pictures not vivid but with fear it would black out.
A want for more, a desire for more but stuck in a paradox.
Trying to paint a picture but no colours to fill in.
A fruit for the hunger in front of him but still waits starving.
Too much ego on the way.

A silence on both sides ,two minds connected but separated and hated.
A letter to the beautiful one.
We lived in a dream.
We made it lucid.
And now we couldn’t make a decision.
Still too much ego on the way.Maybe a fear.
The fire is burning out.
Throw this paper and ink with it.
The last one ,open your doors .Let it reach you.
Still waiting .
A letter to the Beautiful one.